ROSE colored future

If you have found yourself here, it means you've at least possibly heard some of my music. Maybe you saw me live, a friend shared it with you, or you're a friend who just wants to keep up with what's going on in my day-to-day -- in any case -- I'm thankful for you.

You might be wondering about the name of this blog... "Keeping Up With TT" Yes, I ripped off the Kardashians a little... I'm not proud... I am just not as creative as I thought. & TT is what my best friends call me, has a ring to it, right?!

...And so my blogging begins!

This Friday, my new EP, "Rose" hits itunes/amazon/spotify etc.. I'm not 100% sure of all the places it's going to be distributed, but I assure you - if you want to hear it -- you will be able to find it somewhere.

I wanted to give a little background on the record and why it sits so close to my heart.

I began this process in 2015... (yes, you read that right) 2015. I had meetings with several producers in town and I didn't have much luck finding someone who truly got my vision, until I sat down with Bobby Brinker.

Bobby is a singer songwriter here in Nashville with some serious soul. THE MAN CAN SING. I think that is one of the reasons I knew he would be the perfect fit for this project, because he understood what I wanted to do with my music. We worked on the first single, "Blowing Smoke" (co-written with Dawnzy) and that dropped in March of 2016 Listen Below ...

The second single off this album was Time, which coincidentally arrived in March of 2017 -- exactly one year after the first. I know you want to know why it took us so long to figure out a flow for this album, and to tell you the truth, I don't really have much of an answer other than we had to make sure everything was right.

I think as a musician, I am somewhat of a perfectionist (Anyone who really knows me is laughing, because they've seen my room :/) ... but I am a perfectionist when it comes to the music. No artist wants to put out songs that don't convey who they are or want to be perceived as. I think along the way I realized I had to let go a little, not always be in control, and allow the path of these songs to find their own way.

That being said -- I am incredibly proud of what we've created together. I am excited to have worked with some of my favorite songwriters (Dawnzy, Caitlin Eadie, Lacy Green, Ariel Lask, Danny Traynor and Reed Waddle) .. and I cannot wait to hear what YOU think about it. I will go more in depth about each song once you've heard them all!

Yay ! My first blog post is complete -- and if this one didn't get you excited for what's to come, I know for sure the next one will... I have some seriously big news coming your way. <3

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