New Zealand <3 <3

New Zealand got me all like

I'll start off by saying the trip over went far better than my last trip to New Zealand. Instead of delayed flights and sleeping in airports, I got to spend time with old friends and actually get a good nights rest on a plane (crazy, i know). I've only been in NZ for two days now, but it's already one of my favorite places on earth. Who knew a place so far from home could feel like home?

I will say one thing though, when I go into a grocery store- I have no idea what I'm looking at.. see below for reference...

Last night I found out what "Pineapple Lumps" were. Strangely delicious... they kind of taste like taffy covered in chocolate. I've also started getting used to the whole 'tea' thing... everyone drinks tea here - so I have to start doing as the locals do :).

Below are some photos I've taken so far of this beautful place... Next blog post will definitely be about driving on the left side of the road in a manual car.... (yes, a MANUAL) I'll keep you updated! <3

#newzealand #pineapplelumps #sumner #christchurch #movingoverseas #NZ #Auckland #Music

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