Dear NZ, I think I'm falling for you.

Dearest New Zealand,

You are legit. You have mountains and beaches and kickass espresso and you also have some of the best accents I've quite possibly ever heard. I am really enjoying living somewhere that sees my accent as "exotic" ... it's actually one of my favorite things about you. I've had a few weeks to finally get settled down and start feeling a little more normal. Moving in general is known to harbour stress and anxiety, but I really have to say - you seem to calm me and bring me up with each passing day. See below for an example of the smile that seems to be plastered on my face most of the time ....

All that being said, New Zealand is REALLY big on electronic kettles... you heat up your water in the morning and make tea/coffee and it's easy and wonderful -- except when you accidentally reach over the kettle spewing out condensed fiery heat -- when you do that, a whole bunch of obscenities are said and you end up with an ugly 2nd degree burn. (yes, this happened to me, and it isn't fun) But other than that New Zealand is truly a wonderland.

Check out some more photos from my trip so far!

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